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Jessica Remedios

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Class Notes, 12/2 Applying social psychology: business TA evaluations… Psychology and business Industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology: study of human behavior in business and other organizational settings Topics of relevance – group process, conformity, diversity, stereotyping Job interviews Self-fulfilling prophecies Standard interview not best selection process Applying social psychology to personnel selection Self-fulfilling prophecies Perceivers’ expectations  perceivers’ behavior towards target  targets’ behavior towards perceiver  (continuous cycle) Job interview studies Word, Zanna, and Cooper (1974), Study 1 Participants were White male Princeton students Participant was always assigned the role of "interviewer" Instructed to interview an applicant for a position on a team that would compete in a later "marketing campaign competition." IV – race of candidate (black or white), all confederates trained to behave in the same way DV – immediacy behaviors (distance, forward lean, eye contact, speech errors) Results – for white applicants, 0.33 positive immediacy behaviors, for black applicants, -0.11 negative immediacy behaviors Study 2 IV – behavior of interviewer (confederate) – high immediacy/low immediacy – confederates trained to behave the same way interviewers did in study 1 DV – reciprocated immediacy and performance Ex. distance At some point in both conditions, interviewer asked candidate to place a folding chair near interviewer, then measured distance at end of experiment Results Applicant performance – performed better with interviewer behaving in a high immediacy
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