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Jessica Remedios

Class Notes, Nov. 18 Group Processes Part 1 Group decision making Assumption: groups make better decisions than individuals True? Emergent properties of group dynamics Process loss: reduction in group performance due to obstacles created by group processes Types of tasks Additive task – product sum of each member’s contributions (charity) Conjunctive task – product determined by individual with worst performance (“family feud”) Disjunctive task – “” best performance (problem solving) Added concerns of individuals in groups Group concerns – accuracy, balance/fairness, creativity and output Individual concerns – social judgment, hurting others’ feelings, dodging responsibility Causes of process loss Social loafing Number of uses for a knife experiment (hart et al., 2004) When expecting partner to make a high effort, ps put in less effort for collective thinking but more for coactive thinking Groupthink – Group decision-making style characterized by an excessive tendency among group members to seek concurrence Emerges when need for agreement takes priority over motivation to make good decisions Ex. US space shuttle Colombia “you have to take off your engineering hat and put on your management hat” “when you’re in a meeting like that, and the question posed ‘does anybody disagree’
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