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Jessica Remedios

10/7, Class Notes Helping Others Part 2 When do we help? Meaningful factors (?) – ex. reminders of the importance of helping Trivial factors (?) – ex. time pressure Good Samaritan study Two IVs – content of study, time DV – whether or not people would stop to help a person suffering on the side of the road Whether or not participants were assigned to study the Good Samaritan parable or not was irrelevant Whether or not participants were under time pressure/late to their speech was relevant Schindler – gave up all his wealth to employ Jews during WWII Altruistic personality? Empathy develops early Empathy – understanding or vicariously experiencing another individual’s perspective 22 out of 24 18-month-olds helped an experimenter by picking up a dropped marker (Warneken & Tomasello, 2006) Priming morality Charitable donation study (Kraut, 1973) Only people who donated became participants in the study Provided with a leaflet IV: type of label (“you are a generous person” versus no label/health leaflet) DV: amount of money ps donated again a couple of weeks later to another charitable donation request Charitable label - $2.1 No label - $1.3 Mood Positive feelings increase helping (sunny weather, eating cookies, imagining a Hawaiian vacation, etc.) Some negative emotions increase helping (guilt) Other negative emotions decrease helping (shame, anger) Victim characteristics Slept in, late for class on the other side of campus, would you let someone borrow your phone? Attractiveness Benson et. Al (1976) “airport study” Planted completed grad school applications including photo at airport, included addressed and stamped envelopes IV: attractive or unattractive photo DV: number of returned applications People equally likely to help male and female applicants but more likely to help attractive than unattractive applicants How was attractiveness assessed?? Similarity People are more likely to help similar others Especia
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