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Jessica Remedios

9/16, Self-Perception Part 2 Barney Stinson discussion (from How I Met Your Mother) “When I’m sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead.” We are Barney Stinson in that we are all motivated to take realities and find the silver lining. How do we accomplish this? Self-serving cognitions – thought processes that preserve positive self-perceptions Among strongest social psychological motivations we have Self-serving bias – attribute positive outcomes to self, negative outcomes to environment Unrealistic optimism Most college students thought they were less likely to divorce or get fired than their average peer Most drivers believe themselves more skilled than the average driver (Guerin, 1994) Most college students believe they will outlive average life expectancy by 10 years (Snyder, 1978) Most business people see themselves as more ethical than average Self-handicapping – behaviors designed to sabotage one’s own performance in order to provide a subsequent excuse for failure Sandbagging – playing down one’s ability and lowering public expectations Drugs and performance study (Berglas and Jones, 1978) Independent variable – difficulty of test (either easy or hard) Dependent variable – drug that participants choose to take after their first test and before their second test (either performance enhancing – Actavil – or performance impairing – Pandocrin) Participants who took the hard test were more likely to choose Pandocrin Much of the time, this activity is for self
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