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Jessica Remedios

9/25, Social Perception Part 2 Fundamental attribution error – ascribing negative consequences to personality causes rather than situational causes Quiz show contestant study – viewers believed questioners (who obviously knew the answer) to be smarter than the contestants Social perception Target, first impressions, situations (behavioral scripts), attributions (explanation) Two-step model of attributions Target  Automatic first step: first impressions, personal attributions  Effortful second step: situations  stimulus attributions Answer these questions: 1. Name of think of a female-dominated profession. (Nursing) 2. Name a type of building that contains many beds. (Hospital) 3. Name a reason you may miss class this semester. (Sickness, job interviews) Image of a doctor in previous slide. (Priming) Priming – tendency for recently used or perceived words or ideas to come to mind easily and influence the interpretation of new information Rude participant study Participants first completed a task they thought was cognitive – word scrambling Actually was rude or polite priming Then as ps go to turn in the form, confederate student engaged the experimenter for as long as it took – until ps interrupted. Real participants we
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