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Tufts University
Jessica Remedios

Social Psychology and Law Class Notes 12/4 “Quiz” on legal proceedings Women are not harsher trial jurors than men Innocent people sometimes confess to crimes they didn’t commit People fool lie detectors by increasing arousal throughout questions, not suppressing arousal for certain questions. Eyewitnesses find it difficult to recognize members of a race other than their own. More confidence in eyewitnesses does not mean greater accuracy. One can predict jury’s final verdict by knowing where jurors stood last time they voted. Determining guilt: confession, evidence, eyewitness testimony  trial: diversity, jury processes Confessions 1989 central jogger case, 5 (innocent) boys confessed to assault/rape, real rapist stepped forward years later Why do innocent people confess? Compliance – changing behavior b/c direct requests Internalization – come to believe they’re guilty False confession study College students worked on computer task During study, computer crashed. All ps accused of pressing “forbidden key.” IV1: pace of task – fast or slow IV2: false eyewitness or control Confederate said that participant pressed key DV1: compliance – sign confession handwritten by experimenter DV2: internalization – admit guilt to stranger (confederate) after study was supposedly over Results Fast task 100% ps agreed to sign paper with false eyewitness, decreased compliance without eyewitness Only 60% internalized guilt with eyewitne
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