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Architectural History
AHST 1100
Scott Bernhard

LECTURE 2ROMAN ARCHITECTURETrabeate System Postbeam beam spans columnsunsupported distance between columnsspanBeam spanning At top resists compression bottom resists tension middle neutral axis separates the twoTHE ARCH counteracts compressiontension let Romans go bigger and more elaborateAQUEDUCTS allowed for growth water ex Pont du GardTHE ARCHTechnological tool not just a linguistic expressionEvery stone is under compressionGravity load pushes straight down lateral force goes sidewaysAs long as lateral thrusts are dealt with arches can be as big as you wantEach stone sloped to be placed under compressionKeystone placed last makes the arch a load bearer vs a burdenonce placed support walls can be removedScaffolding used to support arch until keystone is placedArchBarrel Vaultcan now place windows in vaultsGroin Vaultprecursor to dome basically an arch in all directions Roman Tem
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