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Lecture 5

APR 271 Lecture 5: 9_12_2018 Lecture

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APR 271
Dr. Horsely

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9/12/2018 Lecture
Analyzing the Publics
Publics exist in different stages
Don’t share a common interest/issue with the organization
Group is not significant to the organization
Organization is not significant to the group
Ex. Residents of Tuscaloosa and those affected by Hurricane
Maria in Puerto Rico
Latent publics
Inactive publics
May share common interests/issues
However the group does not yet recognize that they and the org
have similar interests
Latent publics have low levels of knowledge and involvement
Latent means to exist in potential
The opposite of “manifest” which means plainly observable
Apathetic publics
The publics that are aware of an issue but simply don’t care
In other words, the group does not perceive the
issue/situation/organization worthy of their attention
Ex: local citizens in a drought-stricken community (ApP)
who do not pay attention to a municipal water board’s (O)
water usage recommendations
Aware public
The publics that recognize that they share an issue with an org and
perceive the consequences as being meaningful/important
However, the public lacks the ability/organization to take action
Ex: people with high blood pressure who understand but
don’t follow the American heart Association’s diet and
exercise recommendations
Active publics
The publics that know about an issue/situation and take action relevant to
the issue/situation
Ex: people with high blood pressure who understand and follow
the American Heart Association’s diet and exercise
Factors the determine developmental stage of the public include:
Problem recognition
Degree to which the public understands the issue/situation is a problem
and actively seeks out information relevant to the issue/situation
Constraint recognition:
Extent to which people perceive there are obstacles to their ability to act
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