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Lecture 11

APR 271 Lecture 11: 10_29_2018 Lecture

Advertising and Public Relations
Course Code
APR 271
Dr. Horsely

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10/29/2018 Lecture
Communication Tactics
Organizational control
Controlled media: newsletter, brochures, corporate websites
Uncontrolled media: interviews and news conferences
Organizational tie
Describes the relationship between the org and the media
Internal media: newsletters, brochures corporate websites
Audience size:
Mass media are accessible to most/many people
Targeted media are used by a narrower, more homogenous set of people
Audience type:
Refers to the degree to which the media is consumed by a narrow/wide segment
of people
Popular media are those meida that are general interest in nature
Trade media are read for specific -usually professional- purposes
Why is it important to understand media characteristics?
Media characteristics/factors frame “how” the message is accessed and
interpreted by the public's
“The medium is the messages”
The medium is the massage
Certain types of people use certain types of media
I: information exchange personal involvement special events
Relies on face-to-face communication
Personal involvement can be understood in terms of organizational site
involvement and audience site involvement
Organization site involvement:
Open houses
Free classes
Sneak previews
Audience site involvement
In-home demonstrations
Information exchange center on opportunities for organizations and their publics
to meet face-to-face and exchange information
Educational gatherings
Product exhibitions
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