APR 271 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Repeated Measures Design, Product Placement

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Apr271 evaluation
Needs to be built into the strategic plan
4 PR metrics
1. Exposure metrics
a. Awareness objectives
b. Media impressions and post campaign awareness surveys
2. Engagement metrics
a. Acceptance objectives
2. Influence metrics
a. Acceptance objectives
2. Action metrics
Types of Data collection:
Judgmental assessments
oPersonal/subjective evaluations of a program's effectiveness
o"from the gut"
oOpinion based
oIs it good or bad in my own personal opinion
Communication outputs
oSeek to measure factors related to the production and distribution of a message
Message production
Message distribution
Message cost
Publicity value
Advertising value equivalency
Publics-based outputs
Awareness outputs
oDegree to which members of a public are aware and understand the content in a
Content quality
Do you remember it
Implicit: series of commercials, list given, circle brands you saw, product
placement in a movie
Explicit: write the brands you saw, word fragments-fill it in
Acceptance outputs refer to the degree to which members of a public accept the message
oAttitude measures
oBehavioral intention measures
Action outputs refer to behavior among our publics of interest
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find more resources at oneclass.com
oAudience participation
oDirect observation
oRelative media effectiveness
Exposure: communication output
Engagement: awareness output, acceptance output
Influence: acceptance output
Action: action output
Approaches taken when designing evaluation plans:
oAfter only study (pretest)
oBefore and after (pretest/postest)
Disadvantage: pretest introduces a form of bias because they can know/guess
what a study is about and can respond in the postest with what they think the
researcher is looking for
oControlled before and after (repeated measures)
Uses the same subset of people
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find more resources at oneclass.com