APR 271 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Interpersonal Communication, Understanding Media, Mass Media

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Apr271 phase 3: tactics
Tactic-a communication tactic is a visible element of a strategic plan.
PR practitioners primarily work in a mediated communication context.
Organizational control:
oControlled media: newsletters, brochures, corporate websites
oUncontrolled media: interviews and news conferences
Organizational tie
oDescribes relationship between organization and media
Internal media: newsletters, brochures, corporate websites
External media: newspapers, broadcast news, billboards
oStrongly related to organizational control
Audience size/reach
oMass media are accessible to most/many people
oTargeted media are used by a narrower, more homogenous set of people
Used by very specific/identifiable group/user
Audience type
oRefers to the degree to which the media is consumed by a narrow/wide segment of
oPopular media are those media that are general interest in nature
oTrade media are read for specific, usually professional, purposes
Audience interaction:
oOne way media vs interactive media
o"interactivity" can be considered in terms of both type and degree
Type: social interactivity, textual interactivity, technical interactivity
Degree: totally immersive, semi immersive
Media ownership
oPublic media: pbs
oNon public media: hbo
Media production
oPrint media
oElectronic media
oDigital media
Four categories of tactics:
oInterpersonal tactics
Special events
o Organizational
Social media
o News
Op eds
Pres releases
Interpersonal communication tactics rely on face to face communication
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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