APR 271 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Ap Stylebook, Organizational Communication

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Apr271 Organizational communication tactics class
Organizational media tactics:
Directly managed/control by the org.
They rely on internal, nonpublic media, media that is produced in house
We want to use them when publics are widespread, maintain strict control, method of delivery,
timing of delivery
It is the middle ground between high impact and small audience tactics(interpersonal tactics)
and low impact large audiences (media tactics)
Serial publications-weekly newsletters, bulletins--anything published on regular reoccurring
Stand alone publications- brochures, fliers, pamphlets
Reports-quarterly reports, research reports, whitepapers
News media tactics:
Rely on news orgs to act as a mediator
Result in limited organizational control over the "audience facing" message/product
Use this tactic when the goal is to reach a large number of people who may be heterogeneous in
oWe don’t pay the news media to write a story but we do try to persuade the news
media writing a story serves their interest/their audiences' interest
oPublicity via the news media offered a "third-party" endorsement
Recent data suggests that people may increasingly mistrust the mainstream
Working with the media requires that we understand how to package information for journalists
oKnowledge of :
AP style
Media systems/structures
The media "industry"
oDirect news material-news releases, fact sheets, media kits
oIndirect news material- media advisories, story idea memos
oOpinion material- op eds, position papers, letter to the editor
oInteractive news opportunities- conferences, interviews
Advertising and promotional media tactics
"borrows" the techniques/approaches used by advertisers
"paid" media
Can be better controlled by the org. than news media tactics
Lacks credibility that is associated with the news media
Used when the goal is to reach a large number of people and when you have the money to pay
for this media
Four types:
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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