APR 271 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Ad Hominem, Summary Statistics

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Apr271 message strategy
Message Strategy:
Propositions (Claim)
oLogic based ideas communicated in a persuasive attempt
oShould be presented one at a time organized by importance
Factual proposition/claim
oEmpirical (physical/observable) evidence
oMust be able to test the claim
oMost often used when trying to achieve awareness objectives
oNumbers are a type of factual claim
Conjecture claim
oObservable evidence, draw reasoned conclusions
oCan lead us astray
oUsed when trying to achieve message acceptance
oMessage acceptance, want them to believe what we're
Values claims
oOverall value to persuade the receiver
"The ACA will result in…"
oRely on virtue
oIt’s the right thing to do
"The ACA in important because…"
oUsed when message acceptance is the desired outcome
Policy claim
oIdentifies a specific course of action and advocates for its adoption
oUsed in newspaper op-eds
oUsed when trying to achieve behavior change
Types of evidence used when making factual claims:
Numerical/statistical info.
We often use summary statistics in persuasive attempts
Percentages/percentage increases
How to effectively refute a counter argument
1. Identify unsupported claims
2. Counter advocate's claim by testing it in an alternate way
3. Expose illogical reasoning
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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