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Lecture 16

ARH 369 Lecture 16: Lecture 16

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Art History
ARH 369
Tanja Jones

Lecture 16 Venetians were constantly trying to create an antique lineage Basilica o Palladio o begun in 1549 o Vicenza o city hall civic building rooted in civic architecture o preexisting building on site when he is given the commission gives the building a kind of wrapnew faade o tried to regularize and organize the exterior o geometric and organized structure o istrian stone o two levels o modified serliana o Palladian windows o introduces a rectangular light on the sides of the column o veneer that made it more classicizing San Giorgio Maggiore o Palladio dies in 1580 before it is completed completed by Scamozzi also completed the Rotunda and Theatro o begun 1566 o site is very important to the city of Venice revered in Venice and was one of the protector saints of Venice there would be a series of barges for the doge to walk across to the church during the annual ring ceremony o ecclesiastical building church and a monastery o white istrian limestone in line with the Venetian tradition purity of the white stone o pediment on top of another behind it almost seems like he placed two temple facades on top of each other used giant Corinthian order to push the second pediment up giant order = columns on top of pedestals broken pediment design o blended the central and basilical plan together o entire interior of the church is flooded with light because of the dome being more centralized and the because of the type of stone used o very plain interior o clear glass Venice was a large site for glass production Villa Almerico Rotunda
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