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Lecture 11

ARH 373 Lecture 11: Lecture 11

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Art History
ARH 373
Tanja Jones

Lecture 11 tronies = head studies artists were thought to be part of the mechanical arts but tried to elevate themselves with knowledge of the liberal arts Rembrandts portraits were a typological approach o categorizing works by the type they represent o made at least 2 selfportraits per year in different mediums more than a record of the self (most likely served as a way for him to hone his skills) the following portraits represent four functions of his works (no record of commission for any of them) tronies and training devices o beggar, ruler, soldier, and a saint o shows his invencione (his ability to invent) o use of historical costumes genre based self portraits o Self Portrait with Saskia Rembrandt 1636 Amsterdam Saskia was his first wife very large self portrait double self portrait marriage image Rembrandt is holding a glass of beer and is dressed in fancy clothing they are in a tavern highly constructed genre scene trying to show he is able to paint marriage scenes, genre scenes, and can insert himself into a historical tradition painted in the rough and fast style that was typical of genre paintings virtuoso artist o tends to do this ore as a mature artist o both created in response to Rembrandts exposure to Raphaels Portrait of Baldassare Castiglione o SelfPortrait Leaning on a Stone Sill Rembrandt 1639 etching with black chalk a sketch exists that was a sketch after Raphaels portrait depicts himself very similarly puts himself in the position of the writer Baldassare Castiglione and the painter Raphael inserts himself into this historical trajectory o SelfPortrait at the Age of 34 Rembrandt
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