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Lecture 24

BSC 108 Lecture 24: Chapter 19 In-Class Notes

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Biological Sciences
BSC 108
Christine J.Yates

Sickle Chapter 19 In-Class Notes Population ecology: • Overview: o Population ecology: ▪ The study of factors that affect population density and growth o Population: ▪ Group of individuals of a single species that occupy a defined area o Population density ▪ The number of individuals of a species per unit of area or volume ▪ How is this measured? • It is impartial or impossible to count all the individuals in a population • Population densities are estimated by indirect indicators o Such as, number of bird nests or rodent burrows • Mark-recapture method: o Animals are trapped, marked, and then recaptured after a period of time • Population age structure: o The age structure of a population: ▪ The proportion of individual in different age groups o How can this help us? ▪ Understand the history of a population’s survival or reproductive success and how it relates to environmental factors ▪ Also a useful tool for predicting future changes in a population • Population growth models: o Two models ▪ The exponential growth model ▪ The logistic growth model o Growth rate: ▪ The change in population size per time interval • The exponential growth model: the ideal of an unlimited environment o The exponential growth model ▪ Describes the rate of expansion of a population under ideal, unregulated conditions o A key feature of the exponential growth model: ▪ The rate at which a population grows depends on the number of individuals already in th
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