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Clothing, Textiles and Interior Design
CTD 231

CTD 231 Chapter 7 Notes Findings and Trim Findings • Findings are all components in garments beyond shell fabric and trims ➢ Support materials ➢ Closures ➢ Thread ➢ Elastics ➢ Labels • Support Materials ➢ Interlining and interfacing o Extra layer of supporting fabric used in almost all structured garments o Supplies body, shape, and reinforcement o Typically hidden from view in collars, cuffs, buttonhole areas, and waistbands o Woven  more expensive o Nonwoven fiberweb  least costly o Fusible interfacing  avoid strike-through (shows through to garment surface) o Interlining – extra layer between shell and lining strictly for warmth Support Materials • Lining – lightweight fabric sewn into garment for finished appearance to garments interior • Underlining – outer shell fabric and lining layered together before garment is constructed to stabilize shell fabrics or make shell fabric opaque • Wicking capability – transfers moisture away from body surface • Support devices: ➢ Shoulder pads ➢ Sleeve headers ➢ Collar stays ➢ Boning ➢ Seam tapes ➢ Bra cups Closures • Closures are fastenings that contribute to aesthetic appeal of garment in addition to their functional use of allowing access to the garment and adjusting fit ➢ Often purchased by the gross (12 dozen or 144 individual pieces) • Zippers – continuous closures developed for use in garments • Buttons – usually both decorative and functional ➢ Attached via holes, called eyes ➢ Loop extensions, called shanks ➢ Measured in lignes, a ligne equal to 1/40 of an inch • Alternative to buttons  loops, frogs, and toggles • Buttonholes  placed on extension called overlaps and underlaps • Hook and eye • Hook and loop tape fastener • Snaps/snap tape • Belts Thread • Tread – strong slender yarn for stitching garments ➢ Impact on quality of
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