CTD 446 Lecture 13: CTD 446 Section 13 Notes

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Clothing, Textiles and Interior Design
CTD 446

CTD 446 Section 13 Notes Race Race • Categories that are the result of humans attempts to identify biologically distinct groupings based upon physical appearance • Begins with sea exploration ➢ Contact widely separate social societies ➢ We cannot see gradual change between groups that encounter with land travel • Always exceptions to race categories • Studies show 10-15% of total genetic variation is found between groups • 85-90% variation within a single group • 150 years of research no scientific proof of the existence of racial categories based on physical appearance • Race used to classify members of groups to exclude or grant privileges (cultural anthropology) • Biological anthropology recognizes physical variation within modern humans emphasizing the geographical and clinical distributions Ethnicity • Replace term with ethnic group • Move from biological categories toward culture (values, beliefs, habits, customs, etc. people with a common background share) • Hispanic, Jewish, Irish-American based on language, religion, shared history • Ethnic categories can also be prejudicial • Political symbol • Dress plays an important role – helps to define Sex Differentiation • Body type – on a continuum of maleness to femaleness • Sex organs • Secondary sex characteristics, hair • Emphasize or de-emphasize with dress Body Types • Endomorphic – rounded with prominent abdomen • Mesomorphic – large boned, muscular • Ectomorphic – linear and slender • All individuals have characteristics of each body type, tho
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