CTD 446 Lecture 22: CTD 446 Section 22 Notes

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Clothing, Textiles and Interior Design
CTD 446

CTD 446 Section 22 Notes Global-Scale Culture Continued Trade Agreements • NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) ➢ Jobs from the U.S. ➢ Currency to countries (Mexico) finance government development programs ➢ Stabilize economies, less susceptible to political volatility ➢ Improve the quality of life for both countries Initiative Influences World Dress • Developing country’s citizens ➢ Earn regular income ➢ Afford to purchase more of the products that they make ➢ Increased demand ➢ World dress becomes more evident ➢ Designers want to appeal to these new markets as well as old markets, use countries as inspiration of world fashion (shifting styles of world dress) Catering to the Middle East • Wall street Journal – The Chic of Arabia ➢ In the past people in the Middle East shopped abroad ➢ Saks, Prada, Christian Dior, etc. stores in areas like Dubai, United Arab Emirates ➢ Fashion companies must take cultural and religious considerations into account. Middle Eastern shoppers generally like ornate, colorful and visibly branded styles. Collections include longer pants, skirts, and evening gowns with light shawls to cover heads or bare shoulders ➢ Merchandising different that the West – buy complete look rather than individual pieces ➢ Advertising is limited – no sexual content, gender or shape not revealed in Saudi Arabia, men not allowed in certain store levels ➢ What is allowed to show – hands, feet, all influences what is important, i.e. bags, shoes, etc. ➢ Create Caftans – Prada, Fendi, Marni, $3K-$10K ➢ “The caftan is our T-shirt and jeans ➢ Students return from the West wanting more brands ➢ Retail structure becoming more Western Global Trade • Textile and apparel production are often the first industries in a developing country that are part of global trade • Used to enter into
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