CTD 446 Lecture 5: CTD 446 Section 5 Notes

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Clothing, Textiles and Interior Design
CTD 446

CTD 446 Section 5 Notes Relating Dress to Culture Culture Influences Dress • Interactions with others – relying upon culture for behavior including dress • Society can limit what resources are used to modify and supplement (dress) the body • Modesty: our culture is going to tell us what clothing is appropriate for public interactions ➢ Behavior, manner, or appearance intended to avoid impropriety or indecency Appropriate/Acceptable • Brittany Spears – mini skirt • India – sari • Western Africa – women’s breast show in clothing Human Body a Material Culture Construct • Cultural Practice • How do we maintain it? • What do we consider the correct form? • How do we change it? The Study of Culture • Defined in different ways depending on the point of view • Topical ➢ Culture consists of everything on a list of topics or categories, such as social organization, religion, or economy • Historical ➢ Culture is a social heritage, or tradition that is passed on to future generations • Behavioral ➢ Culture is shared, learned human behavior, a way of life The View of Culture • Normative ➢ Culture is ideals, values, or rules for living • Functional ➢ Culture is the way humans solve problems of adapting to the environment or living together • Mental ➢ Culture is a complex of ideas, or learned habits, the inhibit impulses and distinguish people from animals • Structural ➢ Culture consists of patterned and interrelated ideas, symbols, or behavio
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