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Clothing, Textiles and Interior Design
CTD 446

CTD 446 Section 26 Notes Chapter 13 The Art of Dress • The art of dress – the manipulation of body and body coverings by the individual dresser in relationship to cultural ideals and standards ➢ The body is used as a canvas for aesthetic expression using modifications and supplements ➢ Physical body- armature- skeletal framework for display ➢ Dress as a canvas for aesthetic expression • Example dress as canvas for aesthetic expression: • Wearable art – garments and accessories embellished by hand, special relationship between artwork, creator, wearer, and viewer ➢ Examples: o Body modifications can be wearable art – hair designs, tattoos, can emphasize individuality Dress Is an Integral Part of the Arts • It has form and meaning in the performing, visual and literary arts which have form and meaning in themselves ➢ Performing arts – theater, dance, cinema, TV, video, music, performance art ➢ Visual – painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking ➢ Literary – novels, drama, poetry, essays Important Information Costumes Convey • Dress – enhances individual’s identity • Costume – can conceal true identity • Communicate ideas quickly (short time to view character) • Conveys world of information- time period, locale, social class, time of day, occupation, c
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