CTD 481 Lecture 5: CTD 481 Line Planning Notes

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Clothing, Textiles and Interior Design
CTD 481

CTD 481 Pre-Market Notes Product Lines • We know from TAMS that: ➢ A product line consists of a combination of styles that satisfy similar or related customer needs, can be sold within the targeted price range, and are marketed with similar strategies. • Four Dimensions of Product Lines: ➢ Prices ➢ Assortment ➢ Styling ➢ Timing Product Lines – Prices • Price Ranges • Setting and Changing Prices • Determining Gross Margin • Indicator of quality as well as the amount that has to be paid to buy a product • Select or develop products that can be executed within a price range • Consumer perception of quality related to price determines a price range for a retailer Product Lines – Assortment • Merchandise assortment is a range of choices offered at a particular time • An SKU is a stock keeping unit determined by a combination of style, size and color • Determined by the relative number styles, colors, and sizes included in the line • Collections, groups, or stories • Diverse or focused • Language for Breaking Down a Merchandise Assortment: • Merchandise Mix ➢ Categories ➢ Classes ➢ Subclasses or Groups ➢ Assortment Factors • Fashion vs. Basic Merchandise: ➢ Basic product is one with no demand for styling changes through at least two merchandising cycles (104 weeks) ➢ Fashion product experiences weekly demands for styling change o Fashion products have a shorter selling period than basics products • Seasonal vs. Staple Merchandise: ➢ Staple product experiences no change in demand related to the time of year and sells at a similar rate throughout the year (and perhaps longer) ➢ Seasonal product is only salable for a short amount of time during the selling period Merchandise Mix • Category: Women’s Jackets • Classes: Basic and Fashion • Class: Fashion ➢ Subclass: Leather, Woven, Denim, Combo, Satin, Quilted ➢ Assortment Groups: Solid, Prints, Stripes, Colorblock Product Lines – Styling • Refers to appearance of a product
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