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Lecture 15

CD 226 Lecture 15: Exam 2 SG

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University of Alabama
Communicative Disorders
CD 226

Quiz: 14 Grammatical Morphemes 1. Present Progressive 2. Prepositions in and on 3. 4. Plural 5. Irregular Past Tense (was, were, went) 6. Possessive (mine) 7. Uncontractible Copula 8. Articles (a, the) 9. Regular Past Tense (ed) 10. Regular 3 person singular (I ride, she rides) rd 11. Irregular 3 person singular (she does) 12. Uncontractible auxiliary 13. Contractible copula 14. Contractible auxiliary Uncontractible vs contractible and copula vs auxiliary Copulaform of the to be verb that acts as the main verb; ex: She is pretty. Auxiliaryform of the to be verb that acts as a helping verb; ex: She is walking home. Contractibleeither a copula or auxiliary that CAN be made into a contraction; ex: She is nice. Uncontractibleeither a copula or auxiliary that CANNOT be contracted; ex: She was going to the store. When counting morphemes, we dont count: Stutters False starts Sounds Direct repetitions Rote memorizations Fillers Hyphenated words False bound morphemes (ex: pants is 1 bc we dont say pant) **Names are counted as a whole unit **do count contractions **this is described as ONE CHUNK OF MEANING Browns Stages of Syntactic Development (BurkoGlesson MLU values): I. Stage IMLU 1.02.0; consists of holophrases; speech does not include grammatical morphemes; using semantic rolescategories and relationships; one and two word utterances; topics are here and now; egocentric communication II. Stage IIMLU 2.02.5; grammatical morphemes appear; arent used correctly 100 of the time; overgeneralization of grammatical rules (ex; eated); expressions show us they are learning rules of language instead of rote memorization; they are dynamic and problem solving!
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