EN 209 Lecture Notes - Lecture 22: Twin Unit, Avail, Word Play

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The Scarlet Letter
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Class Discussion 1
The novel was considered scandalous in the time period. It was also responsible to
starting the tradition of ordering books through the mail (people didn’t want others
to know that they were reading it). Best-seller culture started here too.
Custom House was added to make the manuscript long enough to be a novel.
Hawthorne embraced heavy symbolism… this is his idea of “romance”
Stories that combine reality/history and elements of supernaturalism
Ex. Pearl- Roger Chillingworth’s real surname is Prynne; He is still
married to Hester and Chillingworth is just a cover name.
Why write the Scarlet Letter? He was inspired by “Wide, Wide World” with the
female protagonist experiencing heavy tragedy. He saw how popular the theme was
in selling to female audiences and wanted to improve it for his own gains.
Main Characters of Scarlet Letter:
\ /
Other storylines:
- Chillingworth- getting consumed in search for revenge
- Dimmesdale- some type of tragic hero
- Pearl- “elfen” child, “witch” child
- “The spell was broken” (when she kisses Dimmesdale at the end)
- But Pearl ends up living an okay, normal life; gets a happy ending
Name Symbolism:
Hester calls her daughter this; “thou art my most valuable possession”
“Chillingworth” is a 19th century term for “cuckold” (old fashioned term for
a husband whose wife went and cheated on him); implies that the husband is
not taking care of business at home and that’s why the wife left. Hawthorne
put this in book as a funny element (i.e. guy walks into prison and
announces himself as Roger the Cuckold)
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The no(cid:441)el (cid:442)as (cid:262)onside(cid:389)ed s(cid:262)andalous in the time pe(cid:389)iod. It (cid:442)as also (cid:389)esponsi(cid:261)le to sta(cid:389)tin(cid:301) the t(cid:389)adition o(cid:300) o(cid:389)de(cid:389)in(cid:301) (cid:261)ooks th(cid:389)ou(cid:301)h the mail (cid:772)people didn(cid:789)t (cid:442)ant othe(cid:389)s to kno(cid:442) that the(cid:448) (cid:442)e(cid:389)e (cid:389)eadin(cid:301) it(cid:773). Custom house (cid:442)as added to make the manus(cid:262)(cid:389)ipt lon(cid:301) enou(cid:301)h to (cid:261)e a no(cid:441)el. Ha(cid:442)tho(cid:389)ne em(cid:261)(cid:389)a(cid:262)ed hea(cid:441)(cid:448) sym(cid:261)olism this is his idea o(cid:300) (cid:786)(cid:389)oman(cid:262)e(cid:787) 2to(cid:389)ies that (cid:262)om(cid:261)ine (cid:389)ealit(cid:448)/histo(cid:389)(cid:448) and elements o(cid:300) supe(cid:389)natu(cid:389)alism. Pearl- ro(cid:301)e(cid:389) chillin(cid:301)(cid:442)o(cid:389)th(cid:789)s (cid:389)eal su(cid:389)name is p(cid:389)(cid:448)nne; he is still ma(cid:389)(cid:389)ied to heste(cid:389) and chillin(cid:301)(cid:442)o(cid:389)th is just a (cid:262)o(cid:441)e(cid:389) name. He (cid:442)as inspi(cid:389)ed (cid:261)(cid:448) (cid:786)wide, wide wo(cid:389)ld(cid:787) (cid:442)ith the (cid:300)emale p(cid:389)ota(cid:301)onist e(cid:447)pe(cid:389)ien(cid:262)in(cid:301) hea(cid:441)(cid:448) t(cid:389)a(cid:301)ed(cid:448). He sa(cid:442) ho(cid:442) popula(cid:389) the theme (cid:442)as in sellin(cid:301) to (cid:300)emale audien(cid:262)es and (cid:442)anted to imp(cid:389)o(cid:441)e it (cid:300)o(cid:389) his o(cid:442)n (cid:301)ains. Chillin(cid:301)(cid:442)o(cid:389)th- (cid:301)ettin(cid:301) (cid:262)onsumed in sea(cid:389)(cid:262)h (cid:300)o(cid:389) (cid:389)e(cid:441)en(cid:301)e. Pea(cid:389)l- (cid:786)el(cid:300)en(cid:787) (cid:262)hild, (cid:786)(cid:442)it(cid:262)h(cid:787) (cid:262)hild (cid:786)the spell (cid:442)as (cid:261)(cid:389)oken(cid:787) (cid:772)(cid:442)hen she kisses dimmesdale at the end(cid:773) But pea(cid:389)l ends up li(cid:441)in(cid:301) an oka(cid:448), no(cid:389)mal li(cid:300)e; (cid:301)ets a happ(cid:448) endin(cid:301)

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