EN 220 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Ernest Hemingway, Lost Society

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6 Feb 2017

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“The Sun Also Rises” (ending)
Final sentence: “Isn’t it pretty to think so?”
Ironic - is it really pretty to think about things you can’t have?
Pretty famous last line
Lost generation novel
The novel begins in France but ends in Spain
Speaks to kids growing up in a modern world
Just like in writing and in bullfighting, you can fake it
We fail to understand the ritual of bullfighting as Americans
Jake is an insider of these foreign and exotic customs even though he’s from American
His friends laugh at it, but he gets it
Americans are toxic to these exotic things because we ruin the romance in it
Hemingway committed suicide after his father committed suicide
Famous for getting himself in these adventures
Ex: him and his wife were in a plane crash, but he lived because he banged his
head on the plane to get him and his wife free
Hemingway quotes: “A man can be lost, but not defeated.”
“As do sober what you say you do drunk.”
Courage = grace under pressure
“In modern war, you die like a dog for no good reason.”
Jake admires Pedro, but Brett admires Pedro for different reasons
Brett could be the way she is because she was a nurse in WW1 and so she probably
saw some horrifying things, which affected her personality forever
There’s a sense of Victorian morals in the beginning of the 1900s, but by the 1920s,
everything changed
Girls cutting their hair, smoking, showing their legs, etc.
Young people then formed the lost generation when they get older
Hemingway answers Gertrude Stein’s quote “you’re a lost generation” by referencing
Ecclesiastes (Bible) and the natural world
As soon as we create a modern society, we then long for our natural society and
“lost” society
He answers her by saying all generations are lost
Things start getting ugly by the end of the fiesta
Jake has to have a vacation from a vacation - he has to get away from people
Brett has an obsession with “getting clean”
P. 190-191 “At the Cafe Suizo…”
Jake is trying to protect Robert
Jake is in love with Brett, while Brett is just trying to have a good time
Robert calls Jake a pimp and Jake is drunk and angry
Jake loses to the Boxer Robert (he also passed out)
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