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Lecture 10

GY 105 Lecture 10: Chapter 10A Southeast Asian Realm Lecture Notes

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GY 105
La Fevor

Chapter 10A Southeast Asian Realm Indochina Mix of mainland and insular (offshore) countries Volcanically active Pacific ring of fire Earthquakes Tropical zoneTropical climates Indonesia and Philippines dominate Archipelagoisland chain Boards of the Realm 2004 undersea earthquake Borneo Part of Indonesia, 10 (plant and animal) biodiversity, minicontinent, no volcanoes, lane bridge between Asia and Australia, Transition zone Primary threat Oil Palm. (50 of things we see in the grocery stores have palm oil in it) 4 Major Rivers (population tends to gather around these areas); The Mighty Mekong (located in Chinas Tibetan Plateau, dam, hydroelectricity, exits near Vietnam) Red River of Vietnam, Chao Phraya River in Thailand, Irrawaddy River in Myanmar with its largest city, Yangon sitting on the delta. Indonesias Javan population cluster, growing in part of migration from China. Largest Immigrant group are Chinese. More than 23 of Chinese people live in this realm Religion: Hinduism and Buddhism from South Asia Islam from Southwest Asia (Indonesia) Colonial Heritage; European keep and divide Colonial Imprint: (Figure 10A6) French, British, and the Dutch, Netherlands, Spanish French DependencyVietnam, Loace and Cambodia Spice Islands Dutch East India Company Spanish control of Philippines, Spread Catholicism and starved off Islamic Philippines: President Rodrigo Duterte Singapore Emerging markets Is a leading node point of connectivity to wider economic network. Trade and for shipping ASEAN: Association of Southeast Asian Nations: Supranational organization with goals of realmwide political stability increased AFTA: The Free Trade Agreement of the ASEAN. TPP (Transpacific partner ships) a trade agreement which had been worked on for decades that would eliminate a lot of trade tariffs. Focus on jobs in America. Which was scrapped. Geopolitics The Chinese claim 80 of the South China Sea. Chinese can extend their territory out to the sea, also building islands Political Geography boundaries are both visible and invisible, contracts between states Definition (define a boundary) Delimitation (set the limits)
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