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Lecture 24

HY 103 Lecture 24: 4:20:17- From Secession to Civil War, 1859-1861

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HY 103

4/20/17- From Secession to Civil War, 1859-1861 I. John Brown’s Raid II. The Election of 1860 III. Southern Causes and Southern Divisions IV. Choosing Sides and Sizing Things Up V. Descent into War, 1861 Terms: Harpers Ferry Fort Sumter John Breckinridge Anaconda Plan Constitutional Union Party George McClellan I. John Brown’s Raid • John Brown - Abolitionist and believed slavery was a violation of God’s law - Wanted to provoke a slave uprising that would overthrow the state governments in the South • Harpers Ferry, Virginia - Where he wanted to start the slave uprising and raid the armory and gun factory - Was overall a very unplanned raid, and was relatively unsuccessful as there went many enslaved people - In the end 10 of Brown’s people died - What was significant about this raid was the way that people reacted when it was over ➢ Brown wanted to go to his grave as a man of principle and talked to the press ➢ Cast himself as a supporter for anti-slavery and Christian martyr ➢ Republicans and Democrats both denounced the raid and attempted to blame each other ➢ Church bells rang and many people mourned for months after his death, compared to the cruxificition of Christ • Browns raid represented everything that both the North and the South feared and the violence that could ensue II. The Election of 1860 • Democrats still tried to elect Douglas with the platform of popular sovereignty, but it wasn’t good enough for Southern Democrats • Southerners wanted a platform that specifically agreed to bring slavery into federal territory - Southern Democrats walked out of the Democratic party and nominated their candidate - Elected John C. Breckinridge • Moderates/Constitutional Unionists were mostly Whigs - Knew they wouldn’t win, but were hoping that the voters would deadlock amongst the other candidates and it would throw the election to the House where cooler heads would be able to choose - Didn’t want the nation to split into sides • Republican party ran under the platform that slavery could no longer spread - Abraham Lincoln was the perfect candidate to bring the Republican party together and rally votes • Republicans and Democrats ran completely separate campaigns from each other, and didn’t address the North and South together, just their respective regions - Douglas was the only candidate that traveled the whole country and advocated for unity • Lincoln won the election since the Democratic party was so divided III. Southern Causes and Southe
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