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Lecture 15

HY 106 Lecture 15: Honors Western Civ Class 15 The Second Great Wave of Western Imperialism

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HY 106

The Second Great Wave of Western Imperialism • Stanley and the King of the Belgians in the Congo ➢ “Social” Darwinism ➢ Economic pressures ➢ Nationalism and competition • Technological factors ➢ Steamboats and quinine ➢ Weapons and organization • Examples ➢ Africa, above, and below the Sahara ➢ India ➢ East and Southeast Asia o China and Indochina o Japan Key Terms • Leopold II • Henry Morton Stanley • Hiram Maxim • Congo Free State • Herbert Spencer • Rudyard Kipling • “The White Man’s Burden” • J.A. Hobson • A.T. Mahan • Isandlwana • Khartourn • Charles “Chinese” Gordon • Omdurman • British East India Company • Society of Harmonious Fists • Adam Smith argued that free trade is better for everyone over mercantilism • Henry Morton Stanley and the King of the Belgians story • To invade England you need Antwerp • The Belgian crown was created after the French Revolution. Before the revolution you were king of a country and after you are king of the people • Leopold II is ambitious but his country is by treaty forbidden to acquire new territory in Europe, acquire overseas colonies, and trade with other countries. • In 1870 Leopold II read David Livingston’s book… • Leopold wants to spread out across the land through expansion • Reasons for expansion: Gold, God, and Glory • Social Darwinism is based mostly on the words of Herbert Spencer. He coined the phrase “survival of the fittest” – those who are the best at adapting to their surroundings. It became to be “sur
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