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Lecture 3

HY 106 Lecture 3: Honors Western Civ Class 3 Imitating France? Other Examples of European Absolutism

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HY 106

Imitating France? Other Examples of European Absolutism Prussia • Where is it and why that matters • Prussia is hard to defend because: ➢ Not territorially continuous, geographically spread out ➢ Has no natural borders ➢ Not wealthy • Frederick William, the Great Elector ➢ The “Great Recess”: 1653, refers to the summoning ➢ Frederick gets the right to collect a certain amount from taxes from commoners (nobility exempt) in which he uses to create an army of 20,000-40,000 men. He hired this army out to other countries to use. ➢ The Prussian’s will loose a war if you fight them but they will take such a price from the opposing army that it’s better to just avoid them or create a compromise ➢ Army designed for a sprint – short smart wars ➢ He ties the nobility to an idea of nation military service ➢ Voltaire called Prussia not a state but instead “an army with a state where it camps” ➢ Nobility (Junkers) gets: tax exemption, right of inheritance, • The social consequences of Prussia’s development • Prussia ends with an aristocracy. Prussian Lord’s have almost complete rule of serfdoms as long as it doesn’t go against the King – Frederick (Frederick William the Great Elector’s son?) • Sonderweg? – Special path. The path that led the future of a country down a bad path. Russia • Shhh… we’re not really sure it’s part of the West • One of the oldest definitions on European was Christendom- their religion was based on that of Rome. • Russia however has a different religion – Orthodox. • Russia has a different alphabet, religion, language. • To most European nation’s Russia is not part of Europe due to the significant differences it has compared to European countries • Peter the Great brings the west to Russia, a little bit ➢ In 1697 he decides he’s going to modernize and westernize Ru
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