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Lecture 10

JCM 356 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Product Placement

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JCM 356
Dr. Cantrell

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Promotions & Products
Promotional Tie-Ins
Cross-marketing deals
Distributes the marketing load
Consumer-goods companies promote the movie in their own advertising
Product Placement
Products that are identifiable in the film
AKA embedded marketing
Two kinds:
Basic: visible only
Advanced: visible and mentioned by characters
Companies cna purchase space
Companies can donate product in exchange for the placement
Sometimes, it is both
Stealth Marketing
Subtly glamorize a product
Not an official endorsement
Gifts, not money
Licensed Merchandise
Legally conveys rights to manufacture products with movie themes
Aka “Movie Merchandising”
Exploded with Star Wars (1977)
Merchandising Concerns
Handled by lawyers
Sequel = “Brand Extension
Actors and their image belong to their own LLC
Characters in the film belong to the producer
Comic book movies have multiple rights issues
Video games are the most demanding - they require 24 months lead time
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