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Lecture 16

MKT 300 Lecture 16: MKT 300 Chapter 16 Notes

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University of Alabama
MKT 300
Susan Fant

Marketing 300 Chapter 16 Notes First Stop: Sustainability at Unilever • Goal - Accomplishing a broader social and environmental mission to improve stagnant sales and profits • Sustainable Living Plan ➢ Spans the entire value chain ➢ Fuels innovation, resulting in new products and new consumer benefits • Five Levers for Change - Inspires people to adopt specific sustainable behaviors Social Criticisms of Marketing • Impact on individual consumers • Impact on society as a whole • Impact on other businesses Marketing’s Impact on Individual Consumers • High prices • Deceptive practices • High-pressure selling • Shoddy, harmful, or unsafe products • Planned and perceived obsolescence • Poor service to disadvantaged consumers Marketing’s Impact on Society as a Whole • False wants and too much materialism • Too few social goods • Cultural pollution Marketing’s Impact on Other Businesses • Acquisitions of competitors • Marketing practices that create barriers to entry • Unfair competitive marketing practices Traditional Rights • Seller’s rights ➢ To introduce any product in any size and style with proper warnings and controls, if necessary ➢ To charge any price for the product without discrimination ➢ To spend any amount to promote the product of competing fairly ➢ To use any product message that is not misleading or dishonest ➢ To use buying incentive programs that are not fair or misleading • Buyer’s rights ➢ To buy a product that is offered for sale ➢ To expect the product to be safe ➢ To expect the product to perform as claimed Proposed Consumer Rights • To be well informed • To be protected against questionable products and marketing practices • To influence products and marketing practices to improve quality of life • To consume in a way to preserve the world for future generations of consumers Environmentalism • Protects and improves people’s current and future living environment • Concerned with: Damage to the ecosystem Loss of recreational areas Increase in health problems • Environmental sustainability: Generating profits while helping protect the environment The Environmental Sustainability Portfolio Major Marketing Decision Areas That May Be Called into Question under the Law • Selling decisions ➢ Bribing ➢ Stealing trade secrets ➢ Disparaging customers ➢ Misrepresenting ➢ Disclosure of customer rights ➢ Unfair discrimination • Advertising decisions ➢ False advertising ➢ Deceptive advertising ➢ Bait-and-switch advertising ➢ Promotional allowances and services • Channel decisions ➢ Exclusive dealing ➢ Exclusive territorial distributorhip ➢ Tying agreements ➢ Dealer’s rights • Competitive relations decisions ➢ Anticompetitive acquisition ➢ Barriers to entry ➢ Predatory competiton • Product decisions ➢ Product additions and deletions ➢ Patent protection ➢ Product quality and safety ➢ Product warranty • Packaging decisions ➢ Fair packaging and labeling ➢ Excessive cost ➢ Scarce resources ➢ Pollution • Price decisions ➢ Price fixing ➢ Predatory pricing ➢ Price discrimination ➢ Minimum pricing ➢ Price increases ➢ Deceptive pricing Sustainable Marketing Principles • Consumer-oriented marketing ➢ Viewing and organizing a company’s marketing activities from the consumer’s point of view • Customer value marketing ➢ Putting most of a company’s resource into c
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