PSC 203 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Regulatory Agency, Seneca People

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What is a concept and a Comparative Politics Concept:
-The tower of Babel
By Pieter Bruegel the Elder
Definitions are important
Concept: “the basic unit of thinking. It can be said that we have a concept of A (or
A-ness) when we are able to distinguish A from whatever is not A” (Sartori
Communications (sartori 2009)
Theory construction (Goertz 2006)
State: the treaty of westphalia (1648)
sovereignty :
“Not being subject to any higher authority”
Defined territory and territorial integrity
Non-interference in internal affairs
Recognition by other states, generally, a large majority of the international
Monopoly on the legitimate use of force within a territory
Nation: a social collectivity, the members of which share one or more of the following
characteristics: a common identity (which may be based on ethnicity, race, religions or
similar identity) or a common history, culture, language, or economic life”
Nation state:
Imagined limited sovereign community, “imagined political community
Refers to more property to a state composed of a single nation a looser definition
of a nation-state, however is frequently used
U.S. vs. South Sudan
Kosovo vs. Taiwan
U.S. “pledge of allegiance”
Seneca nation of indians
China: Han Chinese (91.6%)
Russia: Russian: (77.7%), Tatar (3.7%), Ukrainian (1.4%), Chechen (1%), others
(“note: nearly zolo national and/or ethnic groups are represented in Russia’s zolo
census) (CIA)
Lesotho (99.7% Sotho) (CIA)
Egypt (99.6% Egyptian (CIA))
International System
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