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Lecture 3

PSC 321 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Puritans, Racial Integration, White Anglo-Saxon Protestant

Political Science
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PSC 321

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Olivia Pahl
PSC321 Hawley
Major Religious Denominations by Size
Methodists Rejected predestination and emphasized salvation for all of those who accept it
o Started out as a small sect within colonial America but exploded in size during the 1800s
Associated with the Second Great Awakening and grew from 3% of population
to 34% of the population
Became the largest Protestant population within the United States during that
time but is now the third largest
o Lead many large political movements and is now considered a Mainline Denomination
Helped lead the temperance movement along with racial movements
Became divided between Northern and Southern denominations over
the issue of slavery
They are considered to have a liberal leadership, however, typical membership
are split between both parties
Lutherans The first protestants and was started by Martin Luther
o Never a dominant force in Britain and not a dominant force in the United States during
colonial time
Started in the US in Pennsylvania due to the state’s religious tolerance but still
was a minority
Not represented in politics, ethnic barriers, language barriers, and
mostly German and Scandinavian immigrants
Did not participate within the Second Great Awakening
Led to the population develop slowly over time, rather than exploding
like other denomination
o Population started to grow in the 1820s during periods of mass immigration
Mostly settled in the Mid-West and in Texas
Still not represented in politics due to being far away from major
political centers in the US
o Divided between the idea of how much their Germanic roots should be emphasized
Should mass be in English or German?
Divided between Mainline and Evangelical
Presbyterians Under leadership of John Knox and have much controversy over the idea of
o Arrived in the US Colonies in 1706 and mostly set up in Pennsylvania
Played an important role in the First Great Awakening which led to an increase
in growth throughout the 1700s
Mostly Scottish and Scots Irish and were mostly settled in the plains
where there were not much representation
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