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ST 260 Lecture 1: Stats Chapter 1 Notes

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Stats Chapter 1 Notes Homework Problems 1. In a recent poll, researches found that 47% of American adult respondents reported getting at least some local news on their cell phone or tablet compute. Then 42% who own cell phones or tablet computers use those devices to check local weather reports and 37% use the devices to find local restaurants or other businesses. • One statistic reported concerned using cell phones or tablets for local news. What population is that finding applicable to? ➢ All American adults • Another statistic concerned using cell phones or tablet computers to check local weather reports and to find local restaurants. What population is this finding applicable to? ➢ American adults that own a cell phone and/or tablet computer 2. The Commerce Department reported receiving the following applications for the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award: 23 from large manufacturing firms, 18 from large service firms, and 30 from small businesses. • Is type of business a qualitative or quantitative variable? ➢ Qualitative/Categorical • What percentage of the applications came from small businesses? ➢ 30/71 = 42.3% 3. Kroger is one of the largest grocery stores in the US with over 2,000 grocery stores across the country. Kroger uses online customer opinion questionnaire to obtain performance data about its products and services and learn about what motivates its customers. In the survey, Kroger customers were asked if they would be willing to pay more for products that had each of the following four characteristics. The four questions were: would you pay more for products that have a band name? Products t
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