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Lecture 4

WS 200 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Iron Jawed Angels, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lydia Taft

Women’s Studies
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WS 200

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9/5/2019 Lecture
Women’s Suffrage
1780’s originated in France
1718 Women in Sweden were able to vote if tax paying guild members (merchants)
1756 Lydia Taft voted in Massachusetts under British rule
1776 Women in New Jersey could vote if unmarried, lost vote when US Consitution
restricted to white males
1905 Finland allowed women to vote and stand for election
1913- Norway, Denmark, Australian, Canada, Soviet Russia, Germany, Poland allowed
women to vote
History of First Wave
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Susan B. Anthony
Lucy Stone
Turn of the Century Suffragists
Alice Paul (Iron Jawed Angels)
10 years after WWII
Rise of Communism and fear
Much more conservatism
Prove that we are not Communists: Better Dead than Red
Added Under God to pledge
Added In God We Trust to money
Culture is beginning to change at a more rapid rate: women beginning to go to college,
get jobs, new wave of living in communities, more mobile…
Time for change
Rise of free speech movement
Rise of anti-war
Rise of 2nd wave of Womens Movement
Rise of disability movement
Beginnings of the Gay Movement- Stonewall Riots
Beginnings of the Conservative Movement
Work and wages
Divorce (2.5 divorces in 1000)
Title IX
The personal is political
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