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Architecture of Democracy 2

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ARC 234
Hadas Steiner

Architecture of Democracy 2  No place to study architecture as a profession; self motivated profession  Robert Adam traveled Europe; trying to establish himself as the British Architect  Charles-Louis Clerisseau and Robert Adam work together  Kedleston Hall by Adam – Temple front on formal façade o Garden side has a much more syncopated rhythm o Utilizing architectural movement “rise and fall, advanced and recess…to add to the picturesque to the architecture”  Syon House by Adam o Interior has an entrance room – chilly white with blacks and greys o Statues placed like follies in a garden  Anti-room has a burst of color-high contrast to entrance  Last room leads into other rooms using different color, ornament, etc.  Culzean Castleby Adam o Thought about the gothic in terms of its abstract embodiment of the sublime  Etienne-Louis Boullee o 1728-1799 o Building architecture like making poems o Cenotaph for Newton – a monument for someone who is buried somewhere else o Intended to show the incredible status of Newton o Wanted to use architecture to explore the boundaries of science o Building as a sensational machine by making the ideas visible to the visitor o Light as the only decorative aspect to the building “painting with nature”
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