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Lecture 23

BIO 201 Lecture 23: Lecture #23

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Biological Sciences
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BIO 201
Lara Hutson

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1. Lecture #23 – Photosynthesis Photosynthesis - Energy from light is converted to chemical energy (sugar) - Requires CO2 and H2O - Releases O2 as a by-product - CO2 + H2O -> sugars +O2 Photosynthesis happens in chloroplasts - Intracellular organelle - Double membrane - Internal membranes form thylakoids - Derived from endosymbiosis of photosynthesis cyanobacteria Chloroplast anatomy - Stroma: interior of chloroplast (cytoplasm of original cyanobacterium) - Thylakoid: photosynthetic sub-organelle within chloroplast - Lumen: interior of thylakoid Overview - Light dependent reactions: production of ATP and NADPH for use in Calvin Cycle - Light independent reactions (Calvin Cycle): production of glucose from CO2 using ATP and NADPH from light-dependent reactions Light-dependent reactions: converting energy from sunlight to chemical energy in the form of NADPH and ATP 1. Light harvesting 2. Electron transport 3. Photophosphorylation - Net reaction: Sunlight + ADP + NADP + H2O -> ATP + NADPH + O2 - Takes place on the thylakoid membrane The light-harvesting system - Antennae (light-harvesting complex): Chlorophylls and other pigments that absorb energy from light and transmit the energy to reaction centers - Reaction center: unique chlorophyll-
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