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Chem & Biological Engineering
CE 318
Professor Chong Cheng

o Lt.tare. r" N*r,w;ru,( Pn,tr -');{ierunro Mrul*{, f, /r,+rt'{t1-tft,wu,l,,"ti*, CLitl;,g ,t^4 [email protected]'rte ,*u{ D;4q.\;0,,, M,,a,'!-;,,(s t'rt.tl-l rut'G';c't/r,o,it.. . ftt * Jt tn'*t,^t bn,,'rlwy rrtlr*o.,t trZrt,*J- tt,t4&t"@I -!r:;,to {-T=T nr tvxj,a*) r,,ut U?udu*fi.;r1 l,"k: yd*rciw- L'",Il{r*rr J L i = iu ,lt t t t'{'f {ti,7",y72 t 1,,,"t {u-*"ui.i7 jr*rrf b*,*rL tdr*tura,f i*, Applt,,,,r" ,4 siL /rtirtA;J"1t*,,a t',,ltwrfur, l.ir,t,w'nl i,....,'4n; ' l I I g I {1 { t\ it-u/>'{1. U*$-^*att *^l^^*W t**>0,,4 n*u'n,,L *n{t{ l T i, l 't4o b*0,^* a n*^at r,L ,*rh'{ ;,,A^*/ * L** 2 :i a C,uJ*,y*L 51r,"{wV nml h,fb4 *"{- 4,{*a Tn+l (*, I 1.5 2 n-l n n+'7 Frcune 5.4-l. Unsteady-state conductiaslab. t) I ' Ter,,ytarxre,\evrc,^t)n* u^ ln.,Jtd^u"/,xph.;+A,f"^ ,'h=CIfutxrlrpa***nr'' -b(e E)ur-. *vk^ , *,4 b*rJ*'ah:il p*r("^^*r* C".1ALne">" fiW*,/-+ yen/rri**, {hL ta,tr;:,.&o,6,* --ri' + ";-l n, ,*Io ;I^ ',I Laxat > 7- ,1bti'' ?adilia4- .^4 k*r/o+gt** *# jto*i'.. l, *hL:^" af V,&"" L'1'l.au1Lr4h "*$ I sr,,pltfrx,l.;k *Ar{ tC . ML=z ,il-,'-l^= r.-__"945-n", F ", *rl,"r,* sl,l,. Vo*(s*/z*t7"n F " t; I>. rtLdo $n*,f-a;- lu ,*4t trldiLrrk ,,r{"rl+1,,N*-{ % I F*,I brJ*,nn 6o in l,*ott fat* r{ W* ftiu*nafta1i2n 4l**t Yo 4 *ilJ (Aax,L)(?l_:t _T tAtJ"-rr ,t - * f.r , = jt tttall.eS y!1.vi1 . ,il L^lA)(ti-''-risI *U^r Y,Gl,l ) flo,vtn,n1,g i.',+ t+rLII iq [t Nt;l; r (&t- lzift',;1' rznl f4= tdx).-L N= L^f M>zNrz Ja{ A h Jr*il,^tt-"-trry m"/*r*, , S,r'r,i\or rc w,/e,c:cifututfu,$,'ftL=, f"^** wr'lr{ f ,^)1 "l*+, lv=u,' T^: :' if M - t) .lf + z +_[(.I .,^.1 f Lt '\' t'1**^h +) AlVn*,tie lw$,Jtc+7v.a-lr"Cn, f,,r +o tr*t- N v^L,u t tJ= L'// A ) , [** r'Lt,;i"nw(!rt]ntt/.s '#- *st"t ,f I I,*( *qW \nrzl , n"*Ja 4 ii,r.r"rdrirLy,&s'tn ,-^W^ Lnt.T-I)= #r;i , -;1 ,) LA;l; t LAT r tri .ll A tl' hA '-l- T= ='"-FV ,7, .+ { \ z rNfl +'r{'" ''.-" l-tt'*tLt H+LA il I"rr/U,tx -* A P-"t *F ) /t Lax ) t: ;^hi;/. *e'r,vfz+ariwtz + ) Hew v"!L b"*rl,o,g 'T\i |"r l4=z ,rr{,,1f^tul in*ewnei , f ,1n = (T t ul,l/- , & t, t i_lr. ;..r-t>t, W *oLrfi(t, c4kh n = J. .-p +, *,,{t ,'t, tlt -r" w,.nle.lu*|,*r|in +, * rwvl unt* ctv,[a,ul * i,r
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