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Chem & Biological Engineering
CE 318
Professor Chong Cheng

u'N*nr,nr*L Lnrt,,,r" y.f^A- 6- ru"|-yt,rtr{ z-p url^ovn- r' | 1n,t^,olw*7"n ,"t^*-,^/ f*" +*"p- 4 ^'w$*''ar,to *-l*- rft,tsz- ) ,^l^nw . f* Gr,tk,, *dt( :) flw,wricnL4tdd +- {- c,4"';;i r.4-^',ffi*u Vuluar*(-,r!' tur't**^u,,Jp} t[ux Vw*rz> ( vl,',b'"*^*"> fl. 1T' To =T,r=T T,.n-d Yw,* [nuf*w{., Tt,u Jl,[ -i'=.T,, "ti,c ",zt*A ;-fr.a,;rvy = Tr., T-.d"la-Tti T,,u "d*- W /s. M$-tfetr bJu**i"^ / t* "Vt*F tu,w *\ il*a"la- ?tate trrluqil,/W, r c/ bl*.ti^ w* a"*rlu- W / rl C(eL {act^,ra1 < |t^rt,y 'vl"rs*'rnrn 1r^ 1I {t' *'^ ,',|^e>n wC" [*.o+an*o^Jwion lrl>il"[*t Iiri &4,*, loo*f-* il ety*awre W,*U r,rILw,Wvwt Jr-yrf"u ;n +lwltf,1rwn ) - --t*tx**- =.-AA-H - --' =^kA#[*_.^o rq#r, /l/ /1. .*lLt "l-yi-- -lx itx+tx t "y i{rp-y, = tLuyrl*[r- Lor Df,,= -/ lto,n#J,-,r ^fD*lr* l {e"yt{*/,_, 1I ' --(Platz4Ia,t;m $ * b'-r-*fr =e Jx, >r/r' JZ, l- -i,Mfr* "ll,-o /T' l' ( A, >" * otL -Tt l-'P""l"r" lb n*,"r^ 4 L"ll,*' (,*tir^ b'*{"r, ,,rln;dlu. z--l lf*t,A-tu,tz UJ^"^ ,ywr+ti,,"*s,\- txwayiu.N,,*k/: A J+,zrr^ti- { *t;Jy4,z Ti,,n 7,*& JL, d* n,* in etleem -r'' /kV";n nurnfi,rd,+,,r1"+rrks ,uXL' d-t"(toy:J-(.rv6 . o.rr-r.steady-stHeatconduction Figur4'15-4 shawcrossectiofahollow...onguichamberions dimension4x2mand outsidedimensionxgm. ihechamberis20mlong. The insiwaliare heat 6K0and toutsidat300K.Thek i1.Wm.K. fT iro*.r^teonditiof,nd the losperuni.hu-b".rengthusegrids 0,3 600 K + 'SlG^, |-vLp1 sult* +1","tn ( u**yrr*wL z-') W,s?., ,+l*tt1uwfitcmy4 4- W,""o* **4 b'**{rnrX-ou/rn;^ 1 lr,I Tr,a \ -fl.- ,/ra It T nfttor,lttnnY Z{ Trl-*T',b s,ft =Ts *vrl"* 'Tr,u-l ,urJso urvftqrtl^ ,d!" u,,1**y-.I*&tu- e71hr*,l^ri,,, t'
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