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University at Buffalo
Chem & Biological Engineering
CE 318
Professor Chong Cheng

j-oo*a *> ,(n* (n,rvtttti,r,, +.& {o feut h^rk it^rii,L Gg,r'rzr;ct t" I.*l b> \l'r,twr"{-(w,i J"'J-f TF .,ia",,i,w,rr- 't,vrb,oV,wtb* /r/f. ) C ,m :lxy{ c.h,fl1vvt,,,!+..",,/;r),,n, ): dX >.ttt,;*nnpriiil-w,tir-rirrrr*. 'ia (t'1."'t\,'o' l,,'i, | ."'". ,t, (rr,.*s . f!lo-r,',''r..Yuvccfir, TO nf - ,ft''rrt flg. ilu*,t)yr, L'-|,,,(e, i h",4 il/t a{ fltr;o'i}-"r,1,,7. Utry t:rt"t|ti*p 1ln* l*, , 6l, !^*r,vs 4 A, Hwt Tr",I,,+- (wb,t k.n^**inaLn W u?vtkq ,-rr("unrzx*[email protected],til**-N iowztti"ni*sflY -flfr.,*1, Wile^t-t]1X"yr*+,t 4 d* I ,fu yt>ui,n-'{*br/+,dt* ya;^>o,y Vtr*, L^;h ,4"+ + "d'r 1.,-+'" 4*J J Tb nL,yN u,ltwtirrr,r;lW1"- r,and"^fb , L[-* * LUA, t/r4* d*frftu. b^/ i g*m;{t*,r4* L &W" *d- ';r'fe * *fl\ry 4 4* P*44^t, sttvietfitioLelw,'+w o'ilt'( bz ,*lioY* s4*nieta ko,&^.L Mu^ = CNt [#' vr&-ft**=Lr/e r>C m tvrutvfto$ytr MBn =D^uf/i n prf*t;u */v*,i't*nvlr iy, q*l p ft;;l = T r.t o,,k I Tt* p"*bt +o$"t fttu '-'l-bt .*L rm vv* MAu,, = L)f/t^ (N,* We, Z d" d**wirt;, T drw*|n D ) IJ*^ ldr*,< Sxios, Lwtin,*(o]in rJ M7, >o,l , nl^ " Nrn = o,k6+N;',t:/# ro,7 oL^, lrl* MOn,1-) 3 xlo5, lr,r$^tY;^,t o^/Nf , flru = 0,v76 Mi'!,Nlt D vtl't*'['L,+o, lr^in$* rt",W& ^ o^rfr^4*rs + a,t,Jn,(* L y"ytT lr?M*, r-< )x /q{ i^^/ 4*,Lr* ti*,t/, L"rb/ .' "4* F- t*.: alsre; tu cw f,,[t"4,u -tf. ,,^) q, mf Lr -N8"1 U , t'/ T*rn 4.6-1.Constanforusein Eq.4.6-for Heat Transfer to CywithAxis PerpendicutoFlow(Np,>0.6) Nn" l-4 0.330 0.989 4-40 0.385 0.911 40-4x 103 0.466 0.683 4x1,03-4xr04 0.618 0.193 4xL04-2.5x10s 0.805 0.0266 :'''Ytr ;1tar.* (!1" 1 F,* Y* f"'vd ---.-= Nu = T-o ?/w \A,h ilpo b"*r* I l" rw , **'l tvo ,( a,(; t" t+,ra, '*l /Vru* ).a + [,,,c'NJilt N/# = Cr.Jt **[u vv u1h,^ltr, ,ltt,tutitr, ,^.,,,t-rnaktc'via",/; 4. Fi.'v y,n h,,,lu ( ,uL {* la.* .e'xJar{,tt): l, l*+'rtr I Dil,o,oF f*+*l ;t | ' lfio- i{ -\,+l--- _'6')(-4yi .- v s,, ,sn j;e;- ),* - Sn -) -qq -\y---r- flow s" -4' flow Y ,-i-... /-n-T- ---b*+ lVr^= ctfl.v{' +-+ \+-/ rl I , ,T,^l L, nr val,as (a) (b)A Wnxj ,'"+lt Ftcunr4.6-1Nomenclatforanks of tiThbt4.6-2:in-tine rows, stag^ gered tube rows. *Ilu'f, h,L Tenrp4.6-2.valueof (''h' to BanofrubesContainiMoreThanI0fTransversesJer Rows d* r*rU *1 c.( j:r:15n :_t_an, S"fp u Siir/, D1) DD D- D-''u 'Ff*4vfirini\ Arrangernent lnline 0.386 0.592 0.278 0.620 0.254 0.632 ii,vJ*, *,1't Staggered 0.575 0.556 0.511 0.562 0.535 0.556 iu"fu,ti,* k^4"] SorarD. GrimTraASME,59(1937). t// nw*1'tY lW" f i\rorilen f,w,) Thrrs4.6-3Ratio hffor TransverRowsDeep th for0 TransverRowsDeep (forUsewitThbl4.6-2) 4"*P 910 W + t,lz, Ratio 't*uztdu< staggertubes 0.68 0.75 0.83 0.89 0.g2 0.95 0.g7 0.98 0.99 1.00 $crrt Ratifor 0.64 0.80 + in-litubes 0.87 0.90 0.g2 0.g4 0.96 0.98 0.99 1.00 sorrw MKaysR.K.Lo'stalJTecRep1Navcontract N6To.6.rg5z. f?&'fir3, ;a)- -dt=*1*rl,ot:r, . ga"v6-)u+Tnawr*^l* eraa 6-{ ln M; yt;[email protected] e : {"il $%ry", Vr ti tTt tv) /- !:1*r* WH n T\D. -q- 4 o* Swri-a,t;2. lL.f: Cangtrv,4s rv\eny>&Na-N
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