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University at Buffalo
Chem & Biological Engineering
CE 318
Professor Chong Cheng

i+ R"l,*'"" A,* Lr,^*. Tr*[*- wsr/ze^;+rol,l*n *1 k [;*s,*i[>t'AJ t/t^ 't"'. C? I .,,,1^'s .dl,*"1r" **,u{rl" I-iat+r*4t- qn *L gr,,+i,'z)t A W,str, QY*a'*t {i* w,/io',ti,x Flu*"in = H.+*tl * t1,rfu,ltt Jtawn;*tiuntxvvlo 4**1 r^ ry,V ayiwn:t'y Cpla lwdrp wh--ha,\fe6aaf$iec A y4*3,,n ,t(h,anlL yalurio,,, Li*l I"{* 1"""L l"jt"+ *l;ftoq(,-eumiy. \n4;*' +L eu,i-,st,nrEr Q,*ni4i,ttft^tur( *'safrt -r" tl*, 4 H*A LnlV ;t Lh;a;vla1-ft t/- s*t(",a frw f,iuaa,,rf"* c,t'S.i-L, o'[l tuLL kf diptisn 1*-- ilfF t^,w"',,1i7Tu,f., A, -= 7)S = V-xv,o>Sy{ 0,r1--o.og}}rvt lottk ?=A,dCa,a*^d,,J,tr) vt ieKtrc D'bo = p,rtf}t6il*t[]*(o.ptgt+-p,Aoxio]f,+) o'ffWh- .o.P( = -)-l}'w ( n px+L&r[. fi,,'1i:lJ ;suttri ,tt Yl*vl u*wasd*7ea .4s,.arr,tY , € l63k is , , w"^4 bn 1rz*tI ) C. v*"k,roA pJ;oto.^ ,*l wr{*twn l"o+1**t{rn, burrczrl,u(u" r' fi,nvf^a: in, 1w/ air a,s , ful at 4,,*,= L. A, LT-T) -rt t?= 9*t t3"* ( g*l_ = [. A, T -T) _lJ T, >Tt I*l * 1tr+r= dr",t.)tf lt,*+o Lr- r Q = ['A, [n^n) '= A, t 6 (T'r,* T+) f,+ ^l (\ [r- €6 t'I+--T;+) = €,r r b-tlx /w\+- LT /,*)o Tr ^ -1; 11 --T;- {f/uai.t) [' = € (c'l]r+l ft,i,*)" - tT.-/ wt (7"g ,x;) -n - -Tz l,rL 100 80 60 40 Itru.f* T1*n ?, fo-z 30 (). Vylt L ur.?t. o20 d Jr. L= l.o *svt,'a[ {i810 6 4 J 2 Emissiv=1.0;T=oRabs temperatof othsurfaceer Qo-{,*,"1,,,lo*r,1 Temperaturofone surfaceF) FtcunB4.10-2Radiatheatlrancoefficas functiontempera- Wt,,tf! +. [cL ) neerHandbook,ed.NewyorMcGraw-HiBook Engi- v1**(. Company1973Withermission.) } nl*nh, 6^ Ta,,'ye.r*trp ,^tu'tvw"+v*.t-{'"1r*, HW 4 *n {,nl?/LLiew.rtt,T,lk T* 0 -Jr r11 l'c-= Jf i..Artllllt)=
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