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University at Buffalo
Chem & Biological Engineering
CE 318
Professor Chong Cheng

L"r**o ll, He"+-E\,]*,,',Pr5entinw,{J 1=UA,l^ ^ lr- A'Ti -A l>- I a lt^= t"(ff/nl\ &=E'^L LE4.'.*4"1 I Vgr,'tt^"t* l"{+r-u != A 8'*qulL .,-.: UA &**o +3f,., +R.*b,r,*I =-tj,[A). (/L,A)" ',J'((,A)n uL,[A)r i Au, ,^T,td,+.& fu=t *cr VW":f ffi fIr p{6 kaLv ,*lrl 1Lf^r*LmL C ifr'f^*/ *fu -+L,^ t,=t ) H,, ,'l*-+fus)t*+;onAT,^ u,.T^ eq*rwb^rr"ll,L*r*|-, Yo^ tur-iow*\+r*oqtox ptvWvyz ,6\rl--trl|l ;"ful "rr* tury- d.b^ h't+["nle,*vara+U6We C= nc+ . \ -\,\ . _ ,trQ Jct--_ -:-- - -0^u = e'a(--l i"-Lr) -ffi d"^ ?!y C,^o!Tii: Ti) ,ilutinVt-pp#@t> -,,9-- LC-*i'L|1a--I-r) ' sruwl2 fu M cak-t,-E= ffiTrrJu) \ = C/t(TrT 7- \ o b.L w:+Lt"'fr^'tl***@' *rn- r- - ts ssitz ). a=> ?- tC--a * 11^ t = CT, Tr;)dA _-L- UA t = {,nro , *l *fr= * - P*** 1*,"1*/ lr,,a,+""{* v^a.r/{,*rbtConl,,i**i," t,*iln4* Cu(Tr-T.r)A *rt t'*,J C,,:,=C, t- Wtn\nT ' rs/LT;i) t- lh-l"i- LL'rrtin - Tii) = T (.T,- /.t) = (t--r) [7,-_Tr) -Tor_T,*- *(\_T,r) "l-r, -l"i = _ *(T* _7.,) -fw *4' : fu (T**-I,r) Tr -T.; Cwa -I**Ti = *tT,-Tr)* *(a,-Tr) :(+- *f [T"-:r.,) f,L"-' : u+{,(* C*-tt Cn-z']l I=C,ff ,^Ti' inlct-; %lc(T"-Ir Iitt- r) T,o-llt)l (6n"/ c'*',r) = t,AtTr-T.r) +,^L(m Fdr, s4vi.+L , r__**rf lJ --'-f-=' *^*r*fu r;io= B &'ir I- *^efrvf t,- futl h= - (-*'tn c**rr: L- 6-,o c"*l) ffi., Crw, tnCo @t'J&,, y+ r_tlf (t**),|^ I t*q?tffi "? w- i+ C4^a4 ..- E ,lt,-rvr^l.rJ^o'l,* r*J n n TY lj*, ) ,.#.4 T,T, t^ Table 11.3 Heat exchangereffectivenrelations . FLOWARRANGEMENT [5] RELATION Concentrtube Paralflow r-exp[-Nru(r+q)] ._ I+C. (Ir.29a) 1- exp[-NTU(I C,)] Counterflow 1- Qexp[-Nru(l- q)] (11.30a) Shell and tube One shell pass ( \2,4,.tubepasses) e,:z(r+q+(r *r?)"' \ I+ exp[-Nru(r +q?)'/'z]-I vr'.rl (11.31a) I- exp[-Nru(r *c:)"'] | nShellasses f/ t-.,c\' 1flr_-.,c,)'_ -.. (2n,4n,.tubpasses) ':lfr=/ -'J[,-., I ,l)' (LI.32a) .Crosflowsingpass) fl rt Bothfluiunmixed e: r -*r [-slNru;'."] -1ll (11.33) l(;,|(Nru)'"{exp 'l C*C-;(unmixed) .: /1\ - exp{-c,lr- exp(*Nru)l}) (11.34a) fri(t Q,C**m(unmiied) e: I -exp(-C,-1{- ex[-C,(NTLDI]) (1.3sa) Alexchange(C,: G=0,;f Pq 4 0) e:1 - exp(-NTU) (11.36a) ,Lq" {*,* f*tl *rhy l^,y u'hu'hvt7ong, for',t*irat 'irt'tno(e tou/z+,7e*f-* *rr| l+ [^ :r"'rl. € - NTu f?.(t*ient "( "k F^ r.Ifr;=ftt,*l
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