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Chem & Biological Engineering
CE 318
Professor Chong Cheng

Lcttuvrz tZ , 'lt#- ) i't,,.+t,v5i{r- fi,a,y*L i.)nto Cfr"+:in." i,. '1a* -tn,,riur: :;\p.tr".: v,:t,;1, i'"r r) L*ileinln io,, n,*'rl"- fi"tl l* tv '-..LL '-V t"^, 7:t*;J ;> lnJuos;r',, La,'t 'ti"rurlt'r^ vf{ lI,.ti f/urc,-)t th" yvt;,;L lr L"rwo,rin-, ltZt"tfit,tni":- Fn, ,rvt"(--r; tl'ql fl*;J k-lu U-l t" it-.fL:cnwm ft+e'[wrve.t cxtJ,,-y r'i gi;r, I --D (a) (b) Concentric tube heatngers.Parallflow.)Counterflow. r ) *tie s;*y{,,* ,i l"*ta*- y;y [ry *rLW ( tltut'Q./Gmwvtylt- l**.o"L,,trt -I,^,1l,wt'tx-b,yr1 , +r/1t.iu/F-f ;kw f,"t rn"+. WLI^ l*L x ,rQ ir5om.c.Liu.toTuv. L rrun+*fou,*. L'f 9.wd -l"r*ilsf'lrcu(ryvs?tttlirz,rT"n. {r*il 1-'" Cross flow Cross flow T=If(x,y) T=f(x) J> ir,rs-fi*,h , -tlL .fr*i/r in- qrrts tpayu,/;t,"a,* "-fy.p;u,ity (yl't) f,w {o z'r+'(vikrl, f* 6L'ir ^ /r1*i/ l,nu'eNr(o,'"#- 17,"'l {'*, ;n -fu,.lt;.s) ( Fu,ril ,vftL }"utt vtnfitV:[. $*;d L U,-{*,C *;rL nt f,^,d "irx/ ,,^l oh *l*, *n*;vn/ 2 a.e,?"yv^i< d*v,Tf6rq\ or b* 1",5*l1.il T =y Circular tube Circufin (ur (e) F'igur11.5 compact heat exchangecores(a)Fin-tube (fltubescontinuous plate fins(b)Fin-tube(circulatubes, continuous pfins)(c)Fin-tube (circultubes, circufrns)(d)Plate-fi(singlpass)(e)plate-fi(multipass). , ,I*LL -t,''lk;.,eex,lw,'y+- ) -^/ o-x'h'y* *+,J ;o W tn"lt{i*,, 4*h4v i,nf*rt,,x.ar(y tbp^,co*si,,A,rr,i"s :J,iii I#,:? SttlL-t - tuf" l*,1uxrhr"y'wit/.aa. ,lt"WL u,nlw,t+rrrL (f -, r*k,#* iaw,ntar$"*^"1"> W ) I-t txuhtyr z- + +xcLnry Tuinlet (b) Shell outlet tinf.tsr> 1k* ]t*: [,ry. y*r{"emn -f* /** **rt,^1n J.r. (.,tyb,r/fub-sz ,4tl 4o hwsgr -r1,vyk(anLL . L^l'LLnElgrfu&'^ t i I V* ,L^ du - aol**xr , t{e +i*.\f ::",utb'zsiyQ 4,*l ^ z'vlu-ft"ilU t/'* rT'Ls1",n,,r+[irv') - exct*tY- f ? H(*or'L *4ue W9 Y,'5 tw,*rp, twff;rtont [u,, A fuuna#' l*,t f, "u$,y-. : ,AT w^e"*L LJ.- t= LIA aT,w",o"4L Rw**rd( A Rw*"t t) + *- LIA U. A. =,1U,,Ai =4(4,EtrA,). ' t("A). '-vv'+=[t"A), t{,i14)u 4I- -Tt/t^u'**rl"* *& 'a;iP'rznn21*
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