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Chem & Biological Engineering
CE 318
Professor Chong Cheng

l-re+*a t5. tL)\m*[**lnv x' A,un **ftT [, "r,infa,J*'Dtfu^ i,fa,*zS. Tnrn{,*t{,.A% [4,+h-T*,^k A 7*yort^n l\,^h.-"1"- tun, Tn nnrul t/*";r;,+'tt"t/r]^h , ;*l"l* d;uatt,tr.,, d''n4,,'"X^, - l'21*iltwLtitvl, e*:.fi7e.^,iuh t^fu,,y crtftt^I{i>*ti,,r,wntl*w11s,ofvatiort.tL , , , B hnqi" ,/wtr^l:* w,?s-trant{, { nfa*twr l!{1^l^- n,,,tb tr movr,,tw*.(h/rril.*tnob,*l,utp,tn{.*s I hy rL",'5( -,ltYa,,bm,n'hvil**LAvwtut, t( +{," ) tr* fitrticLex) \ ot^lu"iu,r. da Mtbrill** ,o(,-*s ,,t'nLa* ,*;rl& 4 +L ft*;L f*** 4 h,tuDri"( *.'w*s i^ 1i*iit. C lr)"ila,'i(p f,"*trr;pr p utlcr,+*uli*prou'*e,s r- W4rrn*pr [email protected] % r/i^t t). iluq, ,!^,twT*v'stn/*r,r'bltl.lors;r^ ) " f," t& *^*Fr, + = -i'4 = -#,)ry=-i ry o.,L-Ts.m' "Y:,',#-,!,,,,) ^ii;f^/s,"r .T.lA z- tshvm't'4ti.v\"L/n\ furw,n t *ri",- i JAz - b)/apJC^ i&m,'1.*t {u* *b^5, i-({*;^ mo('A"^ n{ \-ar- #t*Y7:u!'5 [*wI bry-*l A n'{ iirzc+in- fr(furr"f s|(il f* tu"A /s. 4-ir:": ' Y1w= nd-l nut A/ ^, ,r k /* c=* [6 t. {"' .=r^/nw v J)- Wr*vtt " W t*vp, n*n **{* w3'rteL/'nt +r'',,.{w 3 ', rr/r, H+'6 /e = L lTy_:A**\"fL i;l vnarrwin,B, t lrvvx+raxtu^, - N4 = b,\ (C:: Ctt)*F Lna.lrn5'14*ul*tt;l :l +rtu',t{sYS,z*Ar/Sr,+S rr*r.l?n,rtFlif.1"r;*, wti,r1e.f.{.,ts.1 "4 ,rt' "1 cu,t;ror LIL paw"-ttal-i;nrt 'n*./,*o, )r ,-s w"t'"{"iftamg" 1L b-t $'zrt rJ F-' ,l , t' t , I /r l-;/n't law l.'-lnol*c''rbtrd;ff""si,trs I (l) i;.:;;i'.": ':i;l (2) -Pt1\i&FV.'..'^'- '.'. rrat.tat..f I ta fra-aaatala (3) 1a ..t:..tt...:.:: [Aol-v",b,.Jrll*;." c*n lx d"*1' '*^/,^ **JA Wq ,{ , ,> , irt!*t(o','ul*Arz n. .ol*r"*t thr'"f,i"",r& r^^Jo^ ,lirz.'r7*s ^/"-t 44- rL J ) P;at;s.ric'J,rTf C,?nt:r'!4At ["r4 l'\b rznvtLz, *L €./;
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