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Chem & Biological Engineering
CE 318
Professor Chong Cheng

xA t / L ri !*er+,nre- Ll, lvl;let^fut-l/iff*sftnirr Ln"Ft (c,nt;n,t{ 1 rl li LwL lerva. - t[^ Lrttu*z ; 'Tnr ) - '/nbk \ i. I i Ar= & 4 -:t{-^;* rtv"\t n *t,{- hvt3*)a.rim'r/-t';,r.,t r A msnz Lanlqcn itt&g>\ ) 6pz,-i^tni'+ ti4' ]t r [e&rt'"i+t -T* jf l"-.0^o(Po,-fi") ttjlrrr-f.n )/,ta.; r^-- -rrb s*_74 )^ - RT( zr*2,) -trla{rzc,rL 7'o , J; ,7'\ trz{;ct ""| /r\5 J.r Llftt;ffw;n + t*-tvt/uti,tt tu'q= -r2r# * ?cM*4,r \*:--t-'---Z \*---:'-/ Jf {**i''tz,tiort t-yn*$,ttW r LI[' '=o 1-r IV6 ?sP , P*Fa, M= pJ "" LZr^t,) P- Pa, -F i; tzr- - Z, ) RT Fu* cp'- z Ma)^ * Fi Pn,* Pa.) l'D ,Lu,E-y.r.At- M*5 t',,,rsf\- *'.* ;z;.rftrvrtrA*Sttrirwt tuzx HwJ , 4,w-), L,L-l 6,,L-* b,z-5 L. z -6 ,{r'L-lt) . , i , tfn;'e 5 lVa tryW q *ffiu A= Tr\ r- r: t+*Jr-*r /i; :p *( Ne lt' lz ?^LB ,iA; I dc-P-P^) 7Jz, RT / p.A, t\lr t rlar e9 E Do*F CPa,-P4.1 B r. Expn du*m*rir^ 4 Itff^r- wu'fft,;"mP, !r* : tw;, -L-tl *t14. ^*n'tl* k* dtar^;,*tirn l.'i*/q"l;l-('wt'far-th*/t 1r*t"**^n, rru{rtof- $,- (zn,or*L nv(*t.k'. Jr(i"^i'n( n i,+r1€r1-l;({r"sE,yhr^t
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