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February 25, 2014 Communication Assumptions Satisfaction Conflict in Marriage Sillars et al. 1. Communication used in many diverse ways 2. People have implicit assumptions of martial relations 3. There exists a relationship between communication on one hand and satisfaction/marriage • These implicit assumptions influence the form of the relationship • Assumptions influence the nature of the relationship (+/--) between communication and satisfaction o This relationship is called statistical interaction o Third variable influences the nature of reaction Relationship types – ways to classify couples based on assumptions they make Traditional • Conventional beliefs • Share time, activities • Prefer stability • Confront rather than avoid conflict Independents • Emphasize change • Novelty – change things up Separates • Autonomy • Emotional distance • Conflict avoiders Gottman study looked at 3 types of communication in couples 1. Measured self-disclosure 2. Amount of communication about conflict 3. Paralinguistics Assumption and satisfaction measured by questionnaire Sillars et al. • Traditionals and independents more satisfied/happy than separates Traditio Indepen Separate nal dent s No ++ relations Self- Discuss hip disclos conflict between ure   commun Satisfac Satisfact ication tion ion and satisfacti on ++ Paralinguistics  Satisfaction Romantic Relationships at work (Dillard & Witeman) • Romance only if there is attraction 1. Interaction 2. Observed rewards 3. Similarity Size (+/) Participativeness(+) Interaction (+) Attraction Romance (+) (willingness) Formalization() Observed (care more about the Rewards (+) Similarity (+) bottom line) Climate (+) Difference in Value to an international rank () relationship Hypothesis 1: Participativeness , romance  • In theory – positive • In
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