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February 27, 2014 Monica Moore – ethno methodologist (flirting study) • Research team went into a bar. • Whether or not men would approach them • Whether or not women were with other men (also whether or not they would rid of them) Rejection behaviors Leave – do they leave? Lean away – rejection Move apart – proxemics Cease Talking – cease verbal activity Turn away - Break eye contact – Approach behaviors are the opposite of rejection behaviors. These flirtatious behaviors tend to have guys approach more than reject Approach signaling – how does a women signal Whether or not women are approach by a guy, depends on her flirtatious behaviors Social Exchange Theory (Thibaut & Kelley) • Social interaction is an exchange Interaction - The key to any relationship is interaction! Dyad Relationship – relationship where two people emit behaviors Behavioral Repertoire – what behaviors I can emit • Microscopic – the little behaviors • Macroscopic – big behavioral packages (asking someone on a date) • Instrumental – deal with accomplishing goals (asking to movie to get lucky later on) • Consummatory – behaviors that allow us to enjoy (going to a movie to enjoy together) These behavior choices influence the outcome of the relationship Rewards – (Saying yes Cost – (rejection Determinants of outcomes • Exogenous factors – factors outside (my history, my upbringing • Endogenous factors – factors inside Utility – “Subjective worth” (how much you like or dislike it) • Ice cream flavors are subjective because it’s what we like Matrix Representation B1 B2 B3 U a1 b A 1 A 2 A 3 A 4 Wife Wait Ca
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