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March 4, 2013 Grice’s Conversational Maxims Cooperative principle - Conversation is a cooperative activity to understand each other Maxims – • Quality – be truthful and have evidence for what you say • Quantity – to be succinct yet complete, not too little and not too much (just right) • Relation – should be relevant to what’s going on at the moment/being said (or before) • Manner – how we organize what we say 4 classes of Maxim violation • Quietly violating – misleading people (somewhat lying to people • Opting out – when we cannot be cooperative, so we opt out • Clashing – fulfilling one leads to violation of others • Flouting – strategic or artful cooperation (sarcasm) License – violated a maxim, but showing or saying that there was no intention of it. Quality Bringing impressions into line – telling waitress that he actually contained the food in a box Specifying a limitation of knowledge (sarcasm) – violating quality maxim, but letting others know we are doing it Quantity – Aphrase that indicates violation of quantity. EX. long story short (cutting of details) Relation I thought you meant this instead of that (glasses at a bar vs. reading glasses for a text) EX. You know what that reminds me of? EX. Speaking of which… Manner – not trying to be uncooperative, but need time to clear thoughts Semantics – the meanings attached to the words of the sentences Syntax – structure of the language, how we organize words Grammar – a bunch of rules; rewrite rules Grammatical? Everything is semantic and grammatical Y N Most fall in here – 99% of utterance Standard English grammatical Colorless green ideas Random nonsense sleep furiously Meaningful? Y N Ganp’s theory * Asterisk means element may be repeated * Conversation can consist of an encounter  interaction  a departure • Order is important!! Encounter can consist of as greeting*  inquiry • Greeting is hello • Asterisk means can be repeated • Inquiry is asking about their routine • Brackets means that element is optional An encounter must first have a greeting, but may then have an inquiry
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