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Lecture 15

GEO 446LEC Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Pronghorn

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Adam Wilson

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Low-connectivity landscape.
Jaguar and the landscape species concept
High-irreplaceability areasalliance for zero extinction sites.
Zoning map for the great barrier reef marine park.
Marxan: Informing Conservation Decisions Globally
Marxan Overview
Based on planning unit
Summarize cost elements
Summarize conservation elements
Set conservation target
Multiple solutions
Each optimization runs 100-1000 times
Results reflect input
Marxan Overview: Planning unit
Marxan Overview: Cost Elements
Marxan Overview: Conservation Elements
Marxan overview: Conservation Target
Sets the amount of the conservation feature to include in a conservation design
For multiple conservation elements
Target may be set for each individual element
This example uses 50% for each pronghorn population’
Marxan Results: Sum of Solutions
Marxan Results: Best Solution
Marxan Results: Multiple costs
Costs may be analyzed individually.
Fixed costs
Manageable costs
Potential costs
Marxan Results: Multiple costs
Marxan Results: Reserve geometry
Marxan can consider the overall compactness of the reserve design
Perimeter/area ratio
Treated as a cost
Conservation Planning Tools
Chapter 16: Understanding Species Ecology
Where is the biodiversity (species, ecosystems, etc.)?
Discovering Relationships between Climate and Animal Migration with New Tools for Linking
Animal Movement Tracks, Weather and Land Surface Data
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