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Lecture 16

GEO 446LEC Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Wader, Species Richness

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Adam Wilson

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MoveMine track analysis tools
Env-DATA Environmental Data Automated Track Annotation system in MoveBank
Derived Variables
What can annotated tracks tell us about what the animals are doing?
Individual-based movement models
What can annotated tracks tell us about what the animals are doing?
Tracking Individual Animals
Temporal Distribution Models
Migratory bird flyways
Case Study: Dynamic conservation for migratory species
Reverse Auction
Single buyer (The Nature Conservancy) purchases goods or services from multiple suppliers
TNC invited farmers to submit bids representing their costs to flood fields at a specified depth (5
to 10 cm) and duration (4-, 6-, or 8-week periods, each beginning 1 February 2014).
Farmers set prices for providing habitat, and the differences in bids likely reflected cost
differences farmers bear to provision water depending on their water rights, management
practices, water districts, and on-farm infrastructure
Shorebird Abundance
Observed shorebird densities and species richness
Building connectivity to existing protection.
Adaptation priorities defined by intersecting change in agriculture and biodiversity.
A Species rescued: California condors
Is this bird worth $20m?
We know each individual!
Conservation, climate change and wine.
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